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The  purpose of my site is to present my Genealogical discoveries which mainly concern my people in my BOYES line in Hampshire England . All my pages have been designed with a screen resolution of 1024x768 in Times Roman 9pt so I hope they look ok at other resolutions. I use Mozilla Firefox as my main browser so my site has been designed with this in mind.
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My main surnames of interest are: BLOMENSTOK in India (Bombay & Calcutta), BOYES (and variations) in Hampshire (Southampton & New Forest area) , BULL in Hampshire (New Forest), MUSGRAVE in Yorkshire (Leeds) & India, NEAME in India and SWASBROOK Everywhere. There are over 4,400 individuals and over 900 Surnames in my records.
This site might give the impression that all the information  on this site is the product of all my own research but this is NOT true. Over the last 20 years or so I have been supplied with material from other researchers. I would now like to acknowledge the following people - in no particular order:

John & Lyn  Boyes  - NSW, Australia : They gave me a Mark Boyes to link up with when one was desperately needed.
Stephen Craik: For information and assistance with Craik,Rose and Nute material.
Vel Heir,Margaret McFarland and Michael Ludgrove: For details of the John Rose // Mary Hatton Smith line.
Mrs Brenda Horwill - Sunbury-on -Thames, England.: For details of the Issac Boyce // Elizabeth Jackson line
Mrs Maureen Hatchett – Southampton: For information about the Boyes // Purse line
Mr Keith Harrington: For Professional genealogical research in Southampton.
Bev Cannell  and (the late) Chris Cannell:For information on Margaret Caroline Helena Boyes and her descendants.
Robin Boyce - Fareham Hants & Debbie McKenna – Aus: For details of the Boyce lines in Nomansland Wiltshire.
Neil Boyes – Ramsey, Isle of Man: For information on the descendants of Mark George Boyes
Lin Timmers – South Africa:For details of the Boyes branch there.
Mr Malcolm Boyes: The “Guild of One Name Studies” contact for Boyes etc.
Mr Derek Boys – Yorkshire England:  For assistance with my BOYES line
Amanda Wright  - Australia: For Information on Charles BOYCE //Rosina KNOWLTON line.
Tracy Newton – Devon England: For information on Ann BOYCE // Thomas STREET
John David Boyes – Gloucestershire, England: For Descendants of George BOYES // Alice STRIDE
Sue Griffiths  - England: For details of the Ann BOYES  // George STRONG line
(The Late) Alan Neame – Faversham, Kent: A world authority on the NEAME surname (and a distant cousin!)
Rachael McLean: For details of McLean surnames and Blomenstok etc in India

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