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From "A Dictionary of Surnames" by Patrick Hanks & Flavia Hodges, pub 1988 by Oxford Press (ISBN 0-19-211592-8)
1. English: topographic name for someone who lived by a wood, from OF bois wood.
2. English: patr. from the ME nickname boy lad, servant (a word of disputed origin, probably from a MLG form of OSax. bodo messenger,servant, the dental being regularly lost between vowels). In some cases it may derive from an OE personal name *Boia or a Continental Gmc cogn. of this, both being of uncertain origin. Examples such as Aluuinus Boi (Domesday Book) and Ivo le Boye (Lincs, 1232) support the view that is was a byname of even an occupational name; examples such as Stephanus filius Boie (Northumb, 1202) suggest that it was in use as a personal name in the ME period, while the placename Boyland in Norfolk is evidence for its use as an OE personal name.
3. Irish: Anglicized form of Gael. O Buadhaigh;
Vars. (of 1 & 2): Boy(e)s (chiefly Yorks.); Boice, Boise, Boyse. (Of 2 only): Boyson
This line shows the families descended from Thomas BOYES and Mary BEAGLEY, married on 16th January 1714 in Bishopstoke in the County of Hampshire (Hants) England.
Shortly after the death of Mary in 1744 Thomas married Elizabeth WHERRING. There is evidence that the earliest generations of the Boyes line may have had an association with Upham - a few miles from Bishopstoke.
Surname variations BOIS, BOYS, BOYCE, BOICE, BOYSE, and BOYES have been used as they appear in primary records . If a surname has varied in primary records all name variations are quoted. This gives rise to entries of the form BOYES_(BOYCE) in my database.
Learn about -(These people are all related to me):

  1. George Stuart BOYES who played cricket for Hampshire. There is also a photo (26k jpg) of him and other members of the Hampshire team.
  2. Ken Boyes who played soccer for Southampton. See photographs (11k jpg & 40k jpg ) of him in the playing strip of Southampton Football Club and with the Pirelli General Cricket team .
  3. Percy Alexander Bertram Boyes Awarded the British Empire Medal for his actions as a messenger during the first weeks bombing of Southampton in WWII.
  4. See An area of Freemantle in Southampton (50k gif map plus text) where some of my ancestors lived.
  5. My Boyes connection with Southampton and India   Ancestors of mine have lived and worked in India.
  6. Visit the GenForum Boyes Surname Site where people have posted queries about the Boyes name from all over the world.


My line is descended from  Jacob BULL,  who was christened on the 15th October 1795 in Beaulieu, Hants and his wife Harriett PRINCE, who was also born in Beaulieu in 1801. They were married in Beaulieu Parish Church on the 30th of January 1820.
There is also a GenForum Bull Surname Site. You can also Search the BULL Archives on RootsWeb


The Musgrave Coat of ArmsThe Musgrave Crest:

Arms: Azure (blue), six annulets or (gold) three, two and one
Crest: Two Arms in armour, the hands gauntleted proper, grasping an annulet or (gold)
Motto: Sans Changer - Without Changing
The seat of the Musgrave name is EdenHall in Cumbria and records show that the name has been in this area since ~1000AD. It is thought that the Musgrave line is descended from a companion of William the Conqueror (William I) and that this person came with him to England in 1066 or shortly after this date from Normandy. The name does not appear in the Roll of Battle Abbey but Musegros does, along with six or seven hundred other Norman knights present at the Battle of Hastings. It is thought that the names Musegros and Musgrave are one in the same. The following year the Musgrave name appears in Westmoreland [sic.]where Peter de Musgrave, the first to be known by it gave his name to Great and Little Musgrave.
My Musgrave's are from Leeds in Yorkshire and have been situated there since the 1400's. Thomas Musgrave was born in about 1450 in Wortley near Leeds and it can be shown that by following the line backwards from him in my database there is a link up with the earliest line in Westmorland and Cumbria
In the 1600 - 1800's my Musgrave's were in the Wool & Cloth dyeing profession and seem to have lived in the Mill Hill and HillhouseBanks areas.One of them - William MUSGRAVE (1810-1874) joined the Army (16th Queens Lancers) in about 1832 and went to India. William remained there until his death. You can read about his life in India by clicking here.
Other people, not in my direct line but also descended from the earliest Musgraves recorded are still living in Leeds today. So far I have traced one branch forward to the 1940's and it seems logical that others are also still in the area.
There is also a GenForum Musgrave Site containing postings by other people interested in the name.


The Neame Coat of ArmsThe Neame Crest:

Arms: Quarterly per fess raguly erminois and azure (blue), two barrulets between four lions heads erased all counterchanged.
Crest: In front of a staff raguly fessways azure(blue), a demi-heraldic antelope argent (silver)armed or (gold), gorged with the collar gemel, also azure and pierced through the neck with an arrow in bend sinister proper
Motto:Ne a Meta oculos Advertum
From "A Dictionary of British Surnames" by PH Reaney - 2nd Ed. 1976. Neam, Neame:OE eame, "Uncle" with the initial N - due to misdivision of syllable. v. also EAMES. But Fr nain - dwarf is probably also a source of the name.
My Neame line originally came from Kent in England and can be traced in Burkes Landed Gentry (1952 Ed. pages 1863-1867).This reference shows the descendants of Thomas Neame of Woodnesborough, Kent who lived there in the 1400's. Thomas had three sons, two of whom (Roger and John) are the ancestors of the two main lines portrayed in my pages. I have no information on the third son Henry who was a weaver. An ancestor of mine, Austin Clarke NEAME was  born in Littleborne, Kent on 18 July 1810. He is a descendent of Roger Neame. By 1837 he was in India and had married in Calcutta Cathedral. On 4th March 1872 one of his children - John Austin Cyrus Clarke NEAME born 1840, married Alice Lambert MUSGRAVE, the daughter of William Musgrave mentioned above.
As with some other lines I am interested in, my Neame's stayed in India until it's Independance.Today however, the name can be found in New Zealand, England, Canada, India, Australia and South Africa.


My earliest ROSE ancestor is John Rose who seems to have been born in Inverness,Scotland in about 1838. At some point he joined the 74th Highland Regiment and went to India.
While there he was involved in the "Indian Mutiny" of 1858 - he was part of the Siege of Shoreapore and slightly wounded in the left leg.
The capture of Shorapore happened on the 8th of February 1858."Amongst the small number of British units there was a number of companies of the 74th Highlanders, of those men was a certain:- Regt. Number 8, Private John Rose, Later transferred to Madras Artillery. His regimental number signifies that he enlisted at the end of 1856 or beginning of 1857." (supplied by Kevin Asplin, Compiler of: - 'Indian Mutiny Medal Roll 1857-59, British Forces' Hampshire,UK)


The name of Swasbrook is EXTREMELY rare and appears (in my opinion) to have derived from a name such as SWARBRICK, SWARSBRICK or SWARBROOK(E). I have a separate database on The Swasbrook Name.
In the world today I have discovered only two distinct lines, the other being represented by a family in Birmingham, England. From investigations carried out using parish and St Catherine's House records it appears that the vast majority of people with this name in the past were living in the Counties of Lancashire and Warwickshire in England. A single mention of the name has been found in Hampshire (Portsmouth) but by far the highest concentration in the period 1800-1880 occur in Manchester and Birmingham.
Even so, to date I have only discovered 148 people possessing the name - 85 of those in my own line.
To read a little about the life of Lewis Swasbrook click here

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