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Below is a table of the people in my tree that  have a link with India.

SurnameChristian NameBirth/*Chr DateBirth/*Chr PlaceDeath DateDeath Place
 AnnAbt 1821Leeds Yorkshire Eng9 Sep 1866Bombay
 Rachel1881 1 Jan 1947Bangalore
BARTLETTEliza24 Sep 1823Cawnpore Bengal24 Jun 1858Meerut Bengal
BILLINGSDora  1913Kashmir
BLOMENSTOKElsie May19 Jun 1893Bombay  
BLOMENSTOKLeonard Mark5 Mar 1897Bombay  
BOYESEdwin Augustus25 Sep 1876Mazagon Bombay16 Feb 1905Southampton
BOYESMark G1835Millbrook Southampton18 Jan 1885Bombay
CHAPPELLAzubah13 Mar 1832Yaxley Suffolk Eng7 Aug 1865Calcutta
CHAPPELLJemima19 Mar 1824Yaxley Suffolk Eng11 Jul 1891Calcutta
CLARKEAmanda Elivia  4 May 1864Chowronghee
COLESBeatrice15 Apr 1888Byculla Bombay23 May 1960Auckland NZ
COLESDaisy May26 Jul 1885Lonauli Bombay27 Apr 1904Auckland NZ
COLESIda15 Apr 1888Byculla Bombay  
GORDONJohn  28 Nov1884Bandra
GORDONLincoln8 Oct 1863Plumstead NorfolkJan 1899 
JUDGECharles George Landseer22 Jun 1860Bombay8 Aug 1922Chandernagore
JUDGEEleanor Margaret23 Feb 1910Calcutta23 Jun 1982Vancouver
MUSGRAVEAdelaide26 Sep 1856Meerut  
MUSGRAVEAgnes3 Dec 1854Meerut14 May 1855Meerut
MUSGRAVEAlfred11 May 1853Meerut30 Jun 1861Meerut
MUSGRAVEAlice26 Aug 1851Uttar Pradesh23 Mar 1905 
MUSGRAVEBenjamin William17 Jul 1842Meerut1914 
MUSGRAVECharlotte Ann9 Apr 1845Meerut6 Dec 1886Calcutta
MUSGRAVEFrederick6 Mar 1856Meerut20 Oct 1858Meerut
MUSGRAVEMary6 Aug 1865Calcutta14 Aug 1865Calcutta
MUSGRAVESarah Elizabeth9 Apr 1839Meerut  
MUSGRAVEWilliam17 Apr 1810Leeds Eng8 Sep 1874Baghulpore
MUSGRAVEWilliam5 Jan 1850Meerut22 Apr 1850Meerut
MUSGRAVEWillie George Theophilus3 Dec 1861Meerut  
NEAMEAda20 Jun 1880Calcutta  
NEAMEAenid Violet2 Oct 1911Lucknow2 Mar 1978Auckland NZ
NEAMEAgnes Ellen Collins30 Sep 1854St. Johns Cath.Calcutta  
NEAMEAgnes Henrietta Elizabeth4 Feb 1838Calcutta15 Oct 1854Strand  London
NEAMEAlice28 Apr 1878Calcutta27 Dec 1878Calcutta
NEAMEAustin Clarke18 Jul 1810*Littleborne Kent Eng*3 Feb 1861Chowronghee
NEAMECecil Raymond Clarke14 Sep 1860Calcutta26 Sep 1898Calcutta
NEAMECharles James Richard26 Jun 1858Calcutta1 Nov 1900Paddington Eng
NEAMEClarine Annie Clarke28 Aug 1886Fort William Calcutta  
NEAMEDenis Austin1 Mar 1909Calcutta  
NEAMEDennis Walter7 Jan 1887Calcutta  
NEAMEDenys Renee5 Jan 1891Calcutta18 Jan 1895Calcutta
NEAMEEdmund Augustus Charles20 Feb 1847Fort William Calcutta1847Calcutta
NEAMEEdward Austin5 Jun 1868 1948Battersea Eng
NEAMEEdward George3 Apr 1909Calcutta  
NEAMEElizabeth26 Jan 1873 11 Aug 1873Calcutta
NEAMEElla Emily Kathleen11 May 1879*Calcutta22 Aug 1961Yiewsley Eng
NEAMEEllen Effie17 Jul 1865The Old ChurchCalcutta  
NEAMEEllen Emily11 May 1879Calcutta  
NEAMEEllen Kathleen13 May 880/1882Calcutta22 Aug 1961Yiewsley Eng
NEAMEEllen Mary Clarke8 Jan 1885Fort William Calcutta  
NEAMEEllen Maryanna Julia25 Sep 1843Fort William Calcutta  
NEAMEFrank16 Dec 1881Calcutta  
NEAMEGeorge Walter Henry30 Sep 1854St. Johns Cath.Calcutta3 Mar 1859Chowronghee
NEAMEGerard John19 Jul 1876Calcutta  
NEAMEGerard Vivian Gordon1 Sep 1912Cawnpore12 Feb 1989Stevenage Kent
NEAMEHenry Austin28 May 1900Calcutta  
NEAMEIrene Amy Agatha31 Jan 1898Calcutta4 Apr 1900Calcutta
NEAMEJennie Agnes Clarke12 Jul 1888Fort William Calcutta  
NEAMEJohn Austin Cyrus1840Calcutta26 Dec 1894Calcutta
NEAMEMargaret Esther31 Dec 1889Calcutta4 Sep 1907Rangoon
NEAMEMiriam Agatha9 May 1874Calcutta  
NEAMENellie14 May 1875Calcutta  
NEAMERosalie Josephine29 Aug 1845Fort William Calcutta28 May 1866 
NEAMEVera Mary28 Oct 1884Calcutta  
PETERSONClaude Albert8 Mar 1904Calcutta20 Mar 1957Balham Eng
PETERSONIan Charles6 Dec 1931Dehra Dun  
ROSEAlice1878 6 Oct 1940Bangalore
ROSEAmy Caroline1 Feb 1870Kamptee9 Apr 1907Bangalore
STOOKSFraser Sumner15 Jan 1914Simla1980 
STOOKSHenry Joseph19 Oct 1902 20 Jul 1981 
STOOKSRobert Joseph1908 23 Oct 1980 
STROVERFlorence Lilias Janette1843 4 Nov 1869Lucknow
SWARBRICKLewis16 Dec 1798*Manchester Eng9 Apr 1872Madras
SWASBROOKAnn17 Oct 1851Bangalore24 Mar 1856Bangalore
SWASBROOKAvis Dorothy Aenid28 Feb 1934Catholic Church Delhi*19 Mar 1935 
SWASBROOKCharles19 Jan 1861Bangalore  
SWASBROOKClifford Derek
SWASBROOKEdward30 Oct 1853Bangalore  
SWASBROOKEdward6 Sep 1848Bangalore13 Sep 1848Bangalore
SWASBROOKEric GeorgeJan 1905 23 Jun 1906Bangalore
SWASBROOKGeorge6 Sep 1858Bangalore20 Sep 1948Madras
SWASBROOKGeorge RichardDec 1937Bangalore  
SWASBROOKGrant Gordon Howard1946Madras  
SWASBROOKHenry Lewis  1983Bangalore
SWASBROOKIsolene MirandaNov 1896 7 Feb 1899Mysore
SWASBROOKJames21 Jan 1847Bangalore3 Dec 1918Bangalore
SWASBROOKJames Richard S1 Oct 1900 1968Bangalore
SWASBROOKJennifer Lesley Caryle3 Nov 1944Madras  
SWASBROOKJohn Olin Lincoln19 Dec 1942Bangalore  
SWASBROOKJoyce May10 May 1949   
SWASBROOKJoyce Yvienne Teresa J.P17 Aug 1932Lahore  
SWASBROOKKeith Andrew Francis6 Feb 1929Ferozepore1985Auckland NZ
SWASBROOKLewis Charles Wesley13 Dec 1904Bangalore10 Mar 1988Auckland NZ
SWASBROOKLewis Noel26 Jan 1936Mazagon Bombay  
SWASBROOKLyndonSep 1966   
SWASBROOKMargaret Elfrida
SWASBROOKMuriel Amelia10 Jul 1891Madras27 Dec 1978Auckland NZ
SWASBROOKRalph Patrie4 Oct 1947   
SWASBROOKSamuel Lewis4 Nov 1855Bangalore26 Feb 1926Bangalore
SWASBROOKShirley Heather Iris20 Feb 1937Bombay  
SWASBROOKWendy Ann Rosemary9 Mar 1939Bombay  
SWASBROOKWilliam17 Nov 1863Bangalore26 Nov 1863Bangalore


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